LIZARDS Tattoo Meaning

Lizards are pretty amazing creatures. They come in all shapes and sizes and are probably one of the most versatile species of animal going. To top it off, they’re also very popular as tattoo designs!

The Greeks and Egyptians associated the lizards good fortune and wisdom. In fact, the Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol for abundance and wealth very closely resembles a lizard.

In some regions of Africa, lizards are carved in the walls of houses to bring peace to the home and ward of any evil spirits that might be lurking about. That’s right, African malevolent spirits are scared of lizards apparently.

You may have heard of the phrase “lizard brain”, it’s not the most common one so you might not have but, it is a thing trust me. To have a lizard brain means to be in touch with your instincts and be more of a survivalist than others. People with a lizard brain will also follow their gut feelings and their primal urges more than other people.

Due to the vast variety of lizards found all over the world, a lizard tattoo can represent versatility and adaptability to different situations and circumstances.

Other notable mentions in the lizard category go to these chaps:

Salamander tattoos represent a passionate person who is able to come through troublesome situations without being harmed.

Gecko tattoos can represent regeneration due to their ability to grow back lost body parts. They’re also expert climbers linking them strongly with agility.

Last but not least, our crazy eyed friends, the Chameleon. These guys represent illusion and secrecy due to their excellent ability to camouflage themselves.

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