LOTUS FLOWERS Tattoo Meaning

Lotus flowers are renowned for being extremely beautiful flowers that grow out of murky or dirty ponds. Due to this the lotus flower has become heavily associated with beauty and purity, particularly in eastern countries.

The lotus flower holds a great deal of significance is Buddhism. The Buddhists also associate with flower with purity but also spiritual awakening and faithfulness.

There are different colours of lotus flower that all hold different meanings.

A blue lotus represents the spirit winning over the mind or knowledge. A white lotus represents a spiritual awakening and the calming of your nature. Purple lotus flowers are often depicted in a more symmetrical design with eight petals. This represents the noble eightfold path which is one of the principal teachings of the Buddha which is said to lead to spiritual awakening. The pink lotus is considered to be the supreme lotus as seen as the true lotus of Buddha. A Red lotus is representative of the heart and love.

The lotus flower also holds a great deal of meaning and significance in Hinduism. In Hinduism the lotus is usually white and is symbolic of beauty, fertility, prosperity, spirituality, and eternity. The lotus flower appears in many depictions of the Hindu gods and goddesses.

One last thing to mention is that a partially open lotus flower us symbolic of a person who hasn’t, but has the ability and potential to, unfold and develop into who they will one day become.

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