LIONS Tattoo Meaning

Right, first things first, Lions are obviously the Zodiac symbol for Leo’s which is probably why at least 50% of people get them. So that’s that one out of the way! There a lot more meaning behind lions and they can be a great choice of tattoo for anyone.

Lions are commonly associated with strength and power and are commonly seen as a kingly animal. Therefore lion tattoos can represent personal strength whether it be physical or mental etc.

Due to the way in which lion prides work, with one alpha male watching over the rest of the pride, the lion can be a symbol of family and protection over that family.

Also, for the same reasons, the lion can also be used to represent authority and natural leadership qualities.

Going back to the Zodiac deal, I should probably mention that Leo is a sun sign and the Lion is associated with the sun. The link is not only due to star signs but also because of the golden fur and the lions mane being kind of similar to the rays around the sun. In an astrological/Zodiac sense the lion represents Passion, Generosity, Loyalty, Influence, Leadership and Determination.

Lions can also be representative of wisdom due to their proud, noble demeanor. So there’s a whole lot of meaning and symbolism there that covers pretty much all bases!

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