SPIDERS Tattoo Meaning

Spiders are obviously synonymous of fear and horror. I personally am not scared of spiders. That’s probably because I live in England and we don’t have any deadly ones but still, I don’t find them scary and there must be a decent amount of people who share my opinion seeing as spider tattoos aren’t uncommon these days.

The first piece of meaning that comes into my head is along the lines of the point I just mentioned. They may be small but they can strike fear into the hearts of something much bigger than them. Also, with spiders it seems that the smaller they are, the deadlier their venom is. This is a great metaphor for size not mattering in some sense.

If you look at the way we see spiders in general, it’s not very nice. I mean as kids we hear nursery rhymes about a sider getting screwed over by the rain that keeps washing it down the water spout or that one about the spider that’s creeping down on Little Miss Muffet. People also used to think the black plague was brought along by the spiders because they were working with the devil. It was of course not the siders at all and I think we should look at the good points.

Obviously as spiders are predatory creates that can be deadly even to humans, the sider associated with death and fear. They can also represent many other more respectable qualities however.

Spiders can represent resourcefulness. They can set up camp pretty much anywhere. It could be in a bush, inside your wing mirror or even in the corner of a room where there is almost no flies or anything to eat and they still do well!

Because of the way a spider will sit, waiting for their prey to come to them they can also represent patience and discipline.

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