SNAKES Tattoo Meaning

Snakes are another one of the all-time most iconic tattoo designs, especially when combined with a dagger on the forearm. Snakes are symbolic of healing and renewing due to the way they shed their skin and emerge fresh and new. In many cultures they are associated with water which enforces this meaning due to waters healing and cleansing associations.

Throughout history dual snakes have been representative of balance and, in alchemy, the combining of two opposites in order to make something that is better than both of the parts. So dual snake tattoos can hold some great meaning too.

The snake has also been regarded as a symbol of protection. Many ancient cultures used the snake as a symbol to guard burial sites and their holy men would use the snake as a symbol as they were said to guard the higher mysteries.

Snakes are also a symbol of adaptability as with pretty much all types of reptile. Snakes can adapt to almost any environment from deserts to lakes and rivers. If you’re the sort of person that can adapt to situations and make the best out of your circumstances then the snake tattoo might be just what you’ve been looking for.

Obviously snakes can’t get away from the temptation meaning that they were lumped with by the Old Testament. So if you want a tattoo to represent resisting temptation or even glorifying temptation then a snake tattoo could be a good choice.

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