What Tattoo Placement Means

Tattoo placement can have a huge impact on the meaning behind a tattoo. Placement is key in carrying out the deeper message behind the tattoo and conveying the desired look that the wearer wants. In general, tattoos placed on the arms, legs, or stomach often represent strength and courage; tattoos on the chest or back signify honor and respect; and tattoos on the lower back symbolize love and humility. Placement is also used to show off the artwork differently on various parts of the body. For example, arm tattoos will have a more prominent appearance than tattoos on the foot, which can be easily covered. Part of the joy of getting a tattoo is finding its perfect placement and using it to convey a complex story that is special to you. With the right area, you can make your tattoo tell a story, show off its tattoo artwork, or express your personality in just the right way.

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