What Henna Tattoos Mean

Henna tattoos, which are generally applied at celebratory and social occasions, are temporary tattoos that are iconic in some cultures. Henna tattoos are thought to bring luck, fertility, and love to the person they are applied to. Traditionally, henna tattoos have been used in South Asia and the Middle East for centuries as a part of their cultural practices. Historically, these tattoos have also been used to beautify brides before their wedding. The intricate designs of henna tattoos are typically made from a mixture of ground leaves of the henna plant, along with other natural ingredients like tea tree oil, lemon juice and sugar. When applied, the paste binds to the skin, and after a few hours, it starts to flake off leaving a distinctive deep orange-red pattern. Henna tattoos have traditionally been used for several reasons. In some cultures, henna tattoos are used to protect against the evil eye and to ward off bad luck. In other cultures, they are used to symbolize joy and bring good luck. Depending on the design and the culture, they can also be a sign of status, and deeply personal messages can be coded within the designs.

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