What Gang Tattoos Mean

Gang tattoos are symbols used by members of gangs to identify themselves as belonging to a particular gang. These tattoos may include symbols, names, or words associated with the gang, as well as the individual’s rank within the gang. Gang tattoos are often strategically placed on the body to be seen, including areas of the face, neck, hands and wrists. Each gang has its own set of rules and regulations that dictate the meaning and location of its tattoos. Gang tattoos may have deep, symbolic meanings for gang members, representing loyalty, brotherhood, or respect. They may also show the wearer’s gang affiliation, as well as their devotion to the gang. To an outsider, these tattoos may appear intimidating and may be interpreted as a sign of someone’s involvement in criminal activity. But, in reality, many of these tattoos signify a lot more than their surface impression. They might signify a sense of self-worth, brotherhood, or a strong sense of belonging.

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