What Does The Ways Tattoo Mean

The ways tattoo is a visual representation of honoring and respecting the Indigenous heritage of Good Minds, a clothing and lifestyle company based in Canada. The tattoo, which is usually inked as a large, fist-sized black and red image on the chest, arm, or back of the wearer, features a stylized version of a traditional symbol used by many Indigenous cultures. The symbol features a line or circle with four or eight parallel lines or dots branching off of it. The way each line intersects and the number of lines used alludes to the four directions (north, south, east, west), the four winds, and their associated animal totems, including wolves, eagles, bears and beavers. The ways tattoo is meant to serve as a reminder of the sacred bond and responsibilities that each of us has to our ancestors and our environment. It also serves as a reminder to reflect on the wisdom, strength and resilience of Indigenous cultures and to honor their contributions to our collective past and our shared future.

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