What Does The Tattoo Mean In Wake Me Up

The tattoo in the song “Wake Me Up” by Avicii has a lot of symbolism and meaning. The main theme of the tattoo is to remind the wearer to stay aware and to stay true to themselves. The words “wake me up” represent the importance of not just going through life but to be present and conscious of your choices. The tattoo itself features two opposing symbols. The left side features a clock and hourglass, symbolizing that time is always passing and one must make the most of it in the limited amount of time they have. The right side features a swallow and anchor, symbolizing freedom and a strong grip on life, despite the current circumstances. These two sides balance each other out and represent the struggle between taking the right path and going against the current of life. This tattoo is a reminder that life is fragile and fleeting, and it’s important to make each day count.

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