What Does The La Llorona Tattoo Mean

The La Llorona tattoo is a a popular tattoo choice in Mexico and Latin America, especially among young adults and is variably associated with death and the afterlife, heartache, suffering, and pain. It is typically a tattoo of a female spirit composed of black, blue and green lines, or a female figure with a cloth stretched over her face. The tattoo is based on a Mexican folklore about La Llorona, a ghostly figure who searches for children. According to the story, La Llorona was a woman who drowned her own children in a river out of grief after her lover rejected her. As punishment, her spirit was condemned to wander the land and search for her children along rivers and in the night. The tattoo is meant to serve as a reminder of death and mortality, as well as a warning to act responsibly and take care of one’s actions. It can be seen as a symbol of protection, reminding its wearer to always be mindful of their decisions and be prepared for the consequences.

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