What Does Rihanna Tattoos Mean

Rihanna’s tattoos tell a story, with each one symbolizing a personal milestone or a heartfelt memory. Many of her tattoos are a tribute to her roots, such as the Maori tribal tattoo on her hand that pays homage to her Caribbean heritage, and the star on the side of her right hand which is a symbol of light and guidance, a symbol of strength, and a reminder to never give up. Other tattoos show her faith, such as the cross-shaped tat on her collarbone, and the Latin phrase “Never a failure always a lesson” on her ribs. Other tattoos are meaningful to her relationships, such as “Love” and “Rebelle Fleur” on her neck, both of which represent the special people in her life and her own inner strength. Ultimately, Rihanna’s tattoos reflect her personal journey, from her struggles to her successes, and ultimately her own authentic story.

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