What Does Luffy’S Tattoo Mean

Luffy’s iconic tattoo, “Usopp No Kaijin” (ウソップの海人) is a reference to the Japanese folk tale of Usopp and the Sea Monster. The story tells of a brave and noble captain named Usopp who sailed the sea to battle a powerful and destructive sea monster. Despite being outmatched, Usopp bravely fought off the creature, determined to protect his ship and crew. As a result of his courage and dedication, Usopp gained recognition among both his crew and the citizens of his village. In homage to Usopp’s courage and indomitable spirit, Luffy has Usopp No Kaijin tattooed onto his body. The tattoo symbolizes Luffy’s own extraordinary bravery as well as his commitment to protecting his crew and his deep respect for the courage of others. In this way, Luffy’s tattoo not only commemorates Usopp’s incredible story but serves as a reminder to Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hats of the power of courage and dedication.

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