What Do Tommy Shelby’S Tattoos Mean

Tommy Shelby, the protagonist of the popular British series Peaky Blinders, has a variety of tattoos which each have their own unique meaning. One of the most prominent tattoos Tommy has is an infinity symbol, which symbolizes his no-ending loyalty to his family and his commitment to the Peaky Blinders gang. Additionally, Tommy has a large “P” tattoo, which represents his commitment to the Peaky Blinders, despite the difficulties and dangers it entails. His forearm tattoo is a Biblical passage from Ecclesiastes; this passage serves as a reminder to Tommy of his faith and his struggle against his inner demons. Tommy’s other tattoos include a sparrow and a pair of crossed blades. The sparrow is a symbol of trust, while the crossed blades represent his bravery in the face of danger. He has a compass tattoo, which is a reminder of his desire to always stay true to his own moral code, no matter what the consequence. Finally, in memory of his deceased wife, Grace Shelby, Tommy has a tattoo of a rose and a thistle. The rose symbolizes his love for Grace, while the thistle serves as a reminder of the harsh realities of life and death.

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