What Do The Tattoos On The Boondock Saints Hands Mean

The tattoos on the hands of the characters in the 1999 cult classic movie The Boondock Saints are a crucial part of the movie’s plot. In the film, the protagonists are two Irish brothers, Connor and Murphy MacManus, who become vigilantes and are on a mission from God to rid the world of evil. As part of their mission, they tattoo identical symbols onto both of their hands: an Irish harp, two interlocking Celtic trinity knots and two Latin words, “Veritas” (truth) and “Aequitas” (justice). These two words and the two trinity knots are a representation of the brothers’ commitment to uphold justice and truth no matter the consequence and as a testament to their deep connection as Irish siblings. The harp, meanwhile, is a symbol of Ireland and provides insight into the MacManus’ Irish heritage and allegiance to their country. As they continue their mission, the tattoos on their hands are depicted as a constant reminder of their moral code and the brotherhood they share.

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