What Do The Boondock Saints Tattoos Mean

The Boondock Saints tattoos are an iconic symbol of redemption, justice and faith. They represent the two main characters, Murphy and Connor MacManus who pursue justice through vigilantism. The word “Vengeance” on a bible surrounded by flames and the words “Sine Metu”, Latin for ‘without fear’, express the idea of punishing evil without fear of judgment from God. The four-leaf clover symbolizes luck and fortune while the Latin quote “Per Ars Aut Pax” means “By Violence or by Peace” indicating that the MacManus brothers take justice into their own hands. The crucifix atop a crown and with the Bible verse “Rebuke the Beast” symbolize Murphy and Connor’s stubborn belief in the power of redemption while the Ichthys, the early Christian symbol of fish, represents their faith.

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