What Do Steph Curry’S Tattoos Mean

Steph Curry is one of the most recognizable basketball players in the world, and his tattoos reflect his personal values. His faith is heavily represented in his tattoos, such as his simple cross symbol on his left bicep. This symbolizes his Christian faith and the fact that he puts his faith in God. He also has a phrase from Jeremiah 29:11 on the back of his right arm, which reads “For I Know The Plans I Have For You, Says The Lord.” This tattoo signifies his inner drive to succeed and the belief that he was put on this earth for a greater purpose. In addition to his faith, Steph’s tattoos also represent his commitment to his family and his passion for basketball. He has the initials of his three children engraved on his ribcage and the numbers 30, 35, and 38 on his left hand. The numbers are his jersey numbers throughout his career, symbolizing his commitment to the sport and his ability to continuously improve. Overall, Steph’s tattoos reflect his faith in God, dedication to his family, and commitment to basketball. They are a testament to the person he is and the values that guide him.

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