What Do John Wicks Tattoos Mean

John Wick is a fictional character in a popular action movie franchise. His tattoos have become an iconic part of the character and represent various aspects of his life and beliefs. One of the most prominent tattoos is a single-headed raven on his back. This tattoo symbolizes the gods of death, signifying death’s call to Wick as an assassin. Other tattoos include a lion on his arm that signifies power, courage, and ferocity. Additionally, Wick wears a number of stars and dots on his body which are references to his Continental Marker, a reminder of his oath of loyalty to the secretive society of contract killers. This tattoo also symbolizes his vow of retribution after being betrayed by the High Table. Finally, Wick also bears a double-headed eagle on his right arm, which is the symbol of his redemptive journey to break out of his violent lifestyle.

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