What Do Gypsy Tattoos Mean

Gypsy tattoos are unique symbols used to represent the gypsy lifestyle, beliefs and culture. The meaning behind gypsy tattoos can be varied and complex. Many Gypsy tattoos include symbols such as the crescent moon, stars, feathers, horses, and horseshoes. These are all symbols of traditional Gypsy culture and each symbol has its own distinct meaning. For instance, crescent moons are often seen as a symbol of independence, freedom, and self-discovery, representing the journey of life and the adventure of living as a Gypsy. Similarly, stars and feathers often represent truth, hope and guidance during a spiritual journey – quite fitting for a people known for their nomadic lifestyle. Other symbols such as horses and horseshoes are often seen as bringing luck and protection from evil, much like the talisman rings reflected in the traditional Gypsy jewelry.

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