What Color Koi Fish Tattoo Mean

Koi fish tattoos are a popular tattoo choice due to their beautiful and symbolic meanings. Historically, koi fish tattoos were popular among ancient Japan’s Yakuza gang members as a symbol of courage and strength. Today, koi fish tattoos have taken on a much broader meaning, symbolizing everything from perseverance to good luck and even unconditional love. The color of the koi fish is a key factor in the symbolism it conveys. For example, a blue koi fish typically symbolizes peace, serenity and freedom, while a black koi fish is symbolic of an obstacle or challenge successfully overcome. A red koi fish is meant to symbolize passion and courage, while a yellow koi fish usually stands for prosperity and good fortune. Purple koi fish tattoos often symbolize spirituality, wisdom and compassion, and a white koi fish stands for purity and birthing new beginnings. These meanings can come in many combinations and variations, depending on the design and location of the tattoo.

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