TIGERS Tattoo Meaning

Nice to look at, strong, fearsome, skilled and graceful. No wonder the tiger was named one of the world’s all-time favorite animals.

So the tiger is obviously representative of raw power due to its strong physical build. This can hold meaning in the sense of brute strength or this strength can be symbolically applied to anything you want really!

Now, I’m a Rocky fan and eye of the tiger was the perfect song to accompany the workout montage! But why was it called eye of the tiger? Because when the tiger stalks its prey its focus and determination is unwavering. This meaning is great to apply to a tattoo too.

Tigers are often tattooed in the Japanese style and feature often in Japanese artwork in general.

In Chinese legend the universe is balanced by 5 tigers. Each of which are a different colour so we can find extra meaning in the colour of the tiger tattoo.

The white tiger rules autumn and governs the element, Metal. The black tiger rules over winter and water. The red tiger, you guessed it, rules summer and fire. The blue tiger rules spring and earth. The final tiger is yellow and it rules over the other 4 and keeps them in check.

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