Sunflower Tattoos Meaning

When I think of a Sunflower, a certain phrase definitely comes to mind. A Free Spirit. I can recall several times in my life where I could be in the outdoors, surrounded by the whole world, eyes closed tight, facing upwards, the sun beaming down on my face. In those moments, I would always have the strongest sense of fulfillment. The feeling of pure peace and serenity. Like that very moment was the only thing that I have ever needed. That everything around me was just as right as that feeling for me.







Sunflowers also grow with their heads tilted towards the direction of the sun. Always following the direct path of sunshine. Just like a free spirited person that I am. They grow so tall and strong and with their faces and petals being showered with the sunshine constantly. They grow independently, without any other blooms on their stocks. Uninhibited and unrestrained from any other plants around them. Growing free in this big, beautiful world. Sunflowers are free spirits.

Sunflowers also hold a strong connection with the “Peace and Love” era of the world. Giving people hope and admiration while looking at these beautiful plants. That observation still stands true for me. When I pass a field of sunflowers, I cannot help but to stop what I am doing and gaze at its beauty for a while. Thousands of vibrant sunflowers, standing so tall, facing the sun, and just being free. Each and every plant self-ruling in an area, with thousands of others surrounding them, doing the same exact thing. That image to me is a forever love and beauty.

So, I can definitely conclude that Sunflowers are total free spirits in the plant world. That is the most accurate meaning to me. If you too are a free spirited individual, without any restraints and uninhibited to the world. Growing tall and strong and independently to yourself. Or maybe you just get as much fulfillment by standing outside, gazing up, warmth on your face, growing towards the sun. Then a Sunflower Tattoo is definitely the right tattoo for you!



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