SCORPIONS Tattoo Meaning

Scorpions are most commonly associated with self-defense mainly because of their formidable stance when they feel threatened. Pincers at the ready, tail poised with sting at the ready and their armored plates all show off their ability to defend themselves against anything that way want to cause them harm.

Scorpions are also obviously one of the signs of the zodiac so if that’s your reason for getting it then you already know why so no point in me covering that!

Scorpions have also been associated with life and death throughout history. The Egyptians believed that scorpions were servants of Selket who was the guardian that protected souls on their way to the afterlife.

Now, scorpion stings don’t always have the same effect. In African lore, scorpion stings could actually have healing properties… apparently. They did also know that they could kill you though. Scorpion stings can be hallucinogenic and the shamans found this out and used the venom to assist in their spiritual journeys.

Due to the fact that scorpions live in pretty harsh environments, they can be seen as symbols of triumphing over difficulties in your life. The last thing to mention is that scorpions are commonly associated with the sun. This means that the scorpion symbolizes some sun like qualities like energy, vitality and Radiance.


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