The meaning of the teardrop tattoos on face

Tattooing is an art that has been practiced for a long time. Currently, almost anyone can get a tattoo despite their age. Some people tattoo themselves for specific reasons while others do it for fun. Each and every tattoo has its meaning and before you get one, first research and understand its true meaning. In prison, there are common tattoos won by inmates. For example, the tear drop tattoo on the face. This is a very common design of a tattoo and almost all inmates have it.

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The teardrop design looks simple with one or two tear drops drawn below the eye. Physically, it creates an impression of a person crying but, it has a deeper meaning that no one can understand. There are several explanations of the teardrop design but the true meaning behind it is not yet understood. The meaning varies depending on the geographical location but no further explanation has been forwarded on the same.

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Currently, three explanations were given to describe the meaning of the tattoo symbol. One explanation is that it symbolizes that the bearer has served a long imprisonment. It could also mean that one is mourning for a family member or a friend that was murdered or the bearer was once raped in prison. It could also mean murder but this depends on whether the teardrops were shaded or not. Shaded tear drops mean the wearer murdered someone and unshaded one symbolizes that he/she was accused of attempted murder.

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People who get the tattoo to symbolize mourning a close friend or family member could also mean that they are plotting a scheme to revenge their deaths. Different countries have their specific meaning among the three explanations. Most Teenagers; however, get the tattoo to look cool in front of their spouses or friends.

As seen above, tattoos have very deeper meaning and no matter how simple or cool they may appear, the reason behind it might surprise you. People should be cautious while getting the tattoos as you might be associated with murder or an accomplice of ruthless and dangerous gangs with similar tattoos.

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