DICE Tattoo Meaning

Dice have been a popular tattoo design for many years for various reasons and can hold many meanings.

Dice are first and foremost a symbol of luck. Dice games are all about getting lucky and throwing the number you want. This means that dice can be a great metaphor for life. From the moment we are born, some of us are born into a good family, some aren’t. Some of us are born into poverty and some aren’t. It’s all luck, just like a dice game.

Also dice are a symbol of unpredictability. Just as we can’t say what the next roll of the dice will be, we can’t predict what life will throw at us no matter how hard we try.

Having a dice tattooed can show a belief that luck is important to you. After all, sometimes it can be more beneficial to just be lucky than to be talented and work hard for what you want.

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The saying “The die are cast” is also relevant and can bring meaning to the dice tattoo. Attaching this kind of meaning to your tattoo can represent a decision you have made that there is no turning back on.

Dice are also commonly used imagery in gambling themed tattoos. In this instance the commonly lucky dice are often given a darker meaning. Many gambling tattoos are in reference to the dangers of gambling and the lifestyle that comes with it. A classic example of this is in the “Man’s Ruin” designs. These designs feature many of the common weaknesses that men have such as drinking, gambling and women for example.

Most dice tattoos will feature two next to each other. Something important to remember, that is often overlooked, is that he number shown on the upper side of the dice is of relevance to the tattoo. The number 7 is considered to be lucky and therefore is a common choice. Also, snake eyes is a popular choice as shown in the illustration in this book.

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