COMPASSES Tattoo Meaning

As I’m sure we all know, a compass is a navigational tool used to find magnetic north. A simple invention, with a highly scientific explanation behind its function.

The compass became an invaluable tool for sailors trying to navigate the open water. With no landmarks and just the sun and stars to guide them, sailing across a sea was not a task for the feint hearted to say the least! But with the invention of the compass that all changed overnight.

It’s not too surprising then that reportedly the first compass tattoos can be traced back as far as the Spanish conquistadors, who were among the first to explore the new world of America when it was first discovered by the European nations.

Compass tattoo 1

Compass tattoo 2

Compass tattoo 3

Compass tattoo 4

The compass tattoo would also be found adorning the bodies of sailors and navy servicemen in the 1900s. The meaning behind the compass tattoo for these men was simple, it was a memento of their time spent at sea. Therefore one meaning for the compass tattoo can be a love for the sea, sailing, traveling etc.

The most popular meaning associated with compass tattoos in recent years however is one of guidance and direction. For example a compass can represent a change of direction in your life or a symbol to represent that your path will always stay true. There are many ways tis can be interoperated and you can add your own personal meaning too.

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