ANGELS Tattoo Meaning

Angels symbolize the connection between heaven and earth as they are traditionally viewed as messengers from heaven.

Angels Tattoo 1

Angels can also hold meaning as a tribute or a memorial tattoo for a loved one who has passed away. The symbolism behind this type of tattoo is that angels protect and guide our souls as they pass into heaven.

Angels are also symbolic of acts of great strength and courage. In historical works of art angels have often been depicted fighting in great battles. The angel Michael for example is a symbol of the ultimate warrior, this type of tattoo is perfect for showing spiritual strength.

Angels Tattoo 2

Guardian angels are another popular meaning for tattoos. Having a guardian angel tattoo can symbolize a feeling of having a higher power watching over you and protecting you.

Angel tattoos are also excellent for showing faith. Angels are watchers, they observe and watch over us tirelessly, this makes their symbolism perfect for showing your unwavering faith. This can also be relevant for parents who may get an angel tattoo to reinforce in their mind that their job is to always watch over and protect their children on their journey through life.

Angels Tattoo 3

Aside from this angels also represent divinity, awareness, innocence and purity.

Angel tattoos aren’t for everyone, obviously if you aren’t particularly religious or don’t believe in organized religion then maybe an angel tattoo isn’t for you as most people will more than likely automatically see you as being very religious if they see that you have an angel tattoo.

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Angels Tattoo 4

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