7 Things to Prepare Yourself for Getting a Tattoo


Make sure you know how long your tattoo will take to be completed. You will also want to factor in additional time for wait time or other delays just in case. Most people tend to have an entire afternoon and evening free for their tattoos. Let your artist know you have plenty of time to let him or her know that they do not need to hurry. If your artist feels rushed while doing your tattoo, it can lead to mistakes by even the most experienced artist. It’s essential you make your artist comfortable too.

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The Stencil

When you go in to have your tattoo done, your artist will put a stencil on the area your tattoo will be going. Make sure you love where it is and the position of the tattoo. If you have any fragment of doubt in the placement, tell your artist. It only takes a few minutes to remove the stencil and place another one in the perfect spot for you. It’s better to speak up than be stuck with a tattoo you’re not completely happy with. Your skin will be wet when the stencil is applied, so be careful not to bump or rub up against anything before it is dry. You don’t want any smudges or your artist will have to apply a new one.

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For your first tattoo, it is best to bring a close friend, boyfriend, or relative to provide moral support. By bringing someone with you, they can provide encouragement and help keep your mind off of the pain or uneasiness you may be feeling during the tattoo process. You will also want another pair of eyes with you to make sure that everything is done properly. People are usually a little nervous when they are getting their first tattoo and don’t think to notice clean needles, gloves, and other sanitary measures required by the artist. If a friend notices something not up to code, they can speak up for you and make sure everything is done perfectly while you’re getting tattooed.

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Aside from bringing a friend or family member with you, you may also want to bring a book, magazine, or MP3 player with you. This can create even more much needed distractions for you as a way to keep you from dwelling on the pain. Or if you get queasy at the sight of needles, this is a great way to avert your eyes during the entire process. Leave the tattoo inspection up to a friend and relax with a good book while you’re getting your first tattoo done.

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Wear comfortable clothing when you go to get your tattoo done. You’ll be there for a while and wearing tight clothes can make you extra uncomfortable. You will also want to consider where you are getting your tattoo in order to provide easy access to the tattoo site. If you’re getting a shoulder tattoo, wear a tank top or a t-shirt with the sleeves cut off. This way, you will not need to remove your shirt. Wear flip flops if you’re getting a tattoo on your foot. Just use your best judgment when selecting your wardrobe so you’ll be extra comfortable and relaxed for the duration of your tattoo.

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Avoid Alcohol

Try not to have any alcoholic beverages before going to have your tattoo done. Alcohol thins your blood and that means you will bleed even more during the tattoo process. The more blood you shed, the harder it is for your artist to do your tattoo. The blood will need to be wiped off more often and will take a lot longer for your tattoo to be completed. It’s best to completely avoid any alcohol on the day you’re scheduled to get your first tattoo.

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Prepare Yourself

When all measures have been taken to ensure a clean, safe, and satisfactory tattoo application, you are ready for the process to begin. Prepare yourself. You will feel some pain and there will be some blood. Pain and blood vary by individuals and the size of their tattoos, but you need to prepare yourself for anything. You may feel a slight discomfort to blinding pain, so be ready. If you went with the smaller tattoo, you shouldn’t bleed too much if your blood isn’t thin. In most cases with small tattoos, bleeding starts halfway through the process and doesn’t amount to much. If you prepare yourself for the worst, your first tattoo experience won’t be too bad.

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