Why Do You Want A Piercing?


It should be clear to you why you want to get a body piercing. You may not realize it now, but body piercings can be a factor in your success and daily activities later on in your life. Whether warranted or not, many employers or institutions typically frown on certain body piercings for any number of reasons.

For instance, in many health care institutions, piercings are not allowed for health and safety reasons. In some companies, the dress code requires a pierce-free, tattoo-free appearance, and you will have to comply in order to get hired or continue to be employed. The good thing is that most piercings that cannot be hidden by clothing (unlike nipple or navel piercings) can just be removed while you are in the workplace. However, large piercings (such as “tunnel” ear piercings) are still very visibile even when the earring is removed.

Changing attitudes regarding piercings will no doubt make it more acceptable over the years for staff and employees across different industries and fields to have body piercings, with the exception of jobs where piercings or jewelry in general may be hazards. For example, in the food service industry, jewelry is generally required to be removed while working because rings, bracelets, or earrings could fall and get lost during the food preparation process. In the same way, body piercings are also being prohibited because they pose risks to the public being served.

Let’s say, for instance, that you are a lifeguard or a paramedic. One of the usual tasks you will have to perform is cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). As you may already know, CPR requires mouth-to-mouth contact between the lifeguard/paramedic and the patient. If you have a tongue ring, there is a possibility of this piercing becoming an obstacle to your job, or even worse, getting lodged in the other person’s airway and further complicating the problem.

Many colleges and universities have certain dress codes that current and prospective students have to abide by, and regulations usually include specific prohibitions on body piercings for men and women. If you decide to get any body piercings now, this may have an effect on your application to be accepted in the university or college of your choice later on.

Religious organizations, depending on their beliefs, also have varying restrictions on body piercings. Some religious denominations are more progressive or tolerant of piercings, while others strictly forbid them or have the prerogative to remove from membership someone who sports body piercings that are not allwoed in their organization. This may be another factor for you to consider.

Different people have different motivations for getting piercings in various body parts. Many do it simply for adornment or as a fashion statement. Rings and studs are flashy, stylish, and often add to someone’s personality or uniqueness. They are excellent accessories especially when combined with the right clothing to form the perfect ensemble. Piercings also show the public an aspect of your inner person.

Perhaps you are thinking of getting body piercings in order to conform or be the same as your peer group. If your circle of friends consists of mostly classmates or neighbors with belly button rings or tongue piercings, you will probably find the peer pressure hard to resist. In much the same way, certain subcultures usually associate with Goth or metal music, as well as rock music in general, favor body piercings more, and followers or aspiring musicians will feel the urge to also conform.

If your primary reason for wanting body piercings is to go along with a trend or fad that you see around you, you should be aware that fads and popular fashion trends eventually fade after some time. You should make the decision on body piercings not just because it is the popular thing to do, but also because it is something you know you can live with even when it is no longer the ‘in’ thing to do.

Merely getting body piercings as a result of peer pressure is not much of a valid reason either. When you make decisions that concern yourself, your body, and your appearance, your primary concern should be doing something that works for you as a person and validates your personality rather than merely conforming to what image is being permeated around you. Would you be happy or content with just going along and getting piercings only because all your other friends or classmates are doing the same thing? If you are not a hundred percent sure about it, you might end up regretting the decision.

Your reason for wanting body piercings should be primarily based on your interests, your plans, and how piercings will showcase your personality or make you more confident of yourself. It does follow that for some people, sporting piercings, tattoos, eccentric hairstyles, or other unique clothing or accessories helps them gain a sense of self-confidence and validates their esteem. While you should not base your self-worth only on what you think you look like or the clothes and accessories you wear, there is a healthy role that these outward enhancements can play in helping one to achieve some self-confidence.

In weighing your reasons for getting body piercings, you should also think about possible future scenarios where this decision may have an effect. As already mentioned, there are industries, professions, and companies that disapprove of body piercings or have regulations that require employees or practitioners to remove or cover up piercings while they are working. Educational institutions and other organizations may also have various prevailing attitudes towards piercings, so be ready for possibilities regarding this.

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