What My Tattoos Mean

My tattoos have many personal and symbolic meanings. My first tattoo is a mandala dotwork design on my arm. This is a symbol for infinite possibilities and reminds me to look for opportunities in my life, to be more mindful and open to new ideas and possibilities. My second tattoo is a mermaid. For me, this tattoo is a reminder to honor my intuition, to stay true to myself and my values, to follow my dreams and to never be afraid to swim against the tide. My third tattoo is of a wolf howling at the moon. For me, this is a representation of strength, courage, and a reminder to stay connected with my wild side. Finally, my fourth and fifth tattoos are of birds in flight. These tattoos represent hope and freedom for me, and serve as a reminder of my resilience and that I have the ability to soar with courage and to take risks in life.

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