What Does Koi Fish Tattoo Mean

Koi fish tattoos are one of the most popular types of Japanese tattoos around the world. This is because the koi fish has symbolic and deep meanings in the Japanese culture. Koi in Japanese means carp, and specifically the colorful carp. In ancient Japan, these fish were bred for their color and strength. In Japan, the koi is seen to be a strong symbol of good luck and fortune. The most popular interpretation of the koi is one of overcoming adversity due to its strength and determination. Even when faced with obstacles and raging water, this fish will swim upstream, pushing itself further and further towards a goal. As such, it is seen as a symbol of ambition, tenacity and strength of will. This can mean many different things: accomplishing a specific goal, persevering in the face of life’s hardships, or simply never giving up. A koi fish tattoo is a great way to carry a symbol of spiritual strength and prosperity with you always.

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