What Does It Mean To Get A Rapunzel Tattoo

Getting a Rapunzel tattoo is a way to symbolize the idea of letting go, of embracing the unknown, and of embracing whatever comes. The Rapunzel story is one of hope, courage, and perseverance, and the idea behind a Rapunzel tattoo is to use it as a reminder to follow these ideals and take the leap into life’s unknown. It is also representative of standing strong and unique, even if the world around you is trying to bring you down or pull you away from your true self. A Rapunzel tattoo can be any design chosen to represent these sentiments and beliefs; some choose to go with a simple silhouette of Rapunzel’s face, while others choose a more intricate drawing that spins more into the idea of a tower and her long, beautiful hair. No matter the design, getting a Rapunzel tattoo is a powerful and meaningful way to carry a reminder of hope, courage, and perseverance with you always.

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