What Do Tiger Tattoos Mean

Tiger tattoos, like many other animal tattoos, are often used symbolically to represent traits or ideas. Tiger tattoos are generally seen to symbolize power, strength, and physical confidence. They are also seen to be associated with courage and leadership as tigers are seen as a sign of strength and power. Tiger tattoos may also represent ambition and ambition striving for what one wants in life, as well as being an overall symbol of good luck. Additionally, tigers may represent a person’s own inner wild and untamed nature, the need to break free from conventions and traditions, and the effort to be oneself. Tiger tattoos traditionally have been seen to be associated with the elements of protection and fertility, with the Chinese often associating them with water for protection and the Hindu tradition seeing them as symbols of fertility. For some, tiger tattoos may be used as a reminder of their own strength, a reminder to stay true to one’s own self, and to never give up in the face of difficulty.

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