What Do The Tattoos In Boondock Saints Mean

The tattoos in the movie Boondock Saints have a lot of significance for the main characters. The most well-known tattoo is a large shamrock with a trinity knot inside it that is located on each of the main characters’ left shoulders. This symbolizes their Irish heritage and is a tribute to their Irish Catholic upbringing. The trinity knot itself is also a symbol of the Holy Trinity, which is an important concept in the Christian faith. Additionally, the shamrock has long been associated with good luck and fortune, which helps explain why it is found on the characters. The other tattoo seen on the characters is a pair of praying hands holding a rosary, which is found on their right arms. This particular tattoo symbolizes piety and devotion, as well as their devotion to the Christian faith. It also pays tribute to their Irish Catholic upbringings. Ultimately, these tattoos serve as a constant reminder of their faith, heritage, and the importance of faith in their lives.

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