What Do Rihanna’S Tattoos Mean

Rihanna has several tattoos on her body, each of which have specific meanings to her. Her most famous tattoos are a black Music Note, which symbolizes her love for her career in music, and the “rebellious” spray-painted X in bright pink, which is a reminder of her strength and her connection to her hometown in Barbados. Rihanna also has a Sanskrit prayer tattooed on her neck which reads “Forgiveness, Honesty, Suppression, and Divine”. This was her first tattoo and symbolizes her spiritual commitment. Other tattoos include a paw print to honor her late grandmother, a gun on her ribs (which has been reported by some sources to be an attempt to take control of her own safety) and a star on the inside of her right and left foot. She also has a few smaller tattoos on her arms and her lower back in the shapes of stars, shells, feathers, and stars.

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