What Do John Wick’S Tattoos Mean

John Wick’s tattoos are a reflection of his ability to adapt and handle the dangerous situations he’s constantly thrown into in his line of work as a professional hitman. The tattoos have emerged as a way to honor the lives he lost, the battles he’s won, and the people he’s helped. The tattoo on his back is a large skull with wings coming from the back and a snake coming from the side of its head. The snake represents wisdom, eternity, and the cycle of life. The skull symbolizes death and Wick’s ability to accept it as a fact of life and confront it fearlessly. The wings represent protection, success, and resilience. The other half of the tattoo is two Chinese words: 无名 (wú míng). It translates to “nameless,” symbolising John Wick’s anonymity and lack of identity. It speaks to the idea that Wick is just another nameless hitman out there taking care of business and working in the shadows. The other tattoo is on his abdomen and is a map of the world with a black and white rose in the center. This tattoo is a reference to John Wick’s adventures across the globe and the various places he has visited of the course of his journey. The rose also symbolises resilience and strength, which is something Wick has witnessed and experienced on his journeys.

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