What Do Elbow Tattoos Mean

Elbow tattoos are a unique type of body art that is seen significantly less than other popular tattoo placements. While some people get an elbow tattoo for its symbolic meaning, others choose these tattoos simply because of the area’s anatomical placement. Throughout history, elbow tattoos have been associated with luck, strength, and courage. The elbow is a sort of midway point between the wrist and shoulder, so it’s seen as a symbol of power and protection. Additionally, the elbow is seen as symbolic of making a change or a fresh start, as it bends and curves in new directions. For some people, an elbow tattoo is meant to represent freedom and release. The elbow can be seen as representing a sort of freedom from the mundane and daily routines of life, allowing one to embrace and enjoy life to its fullest. Elbow tattoos may also be used to symbolize a commitment or obligation to some sort of faith or spiritual practice. In some circles, these tattoos are used as a way of showing devotion to a higher power or spiritual teacher. No matter the reason, an elbow tattoo can be an incredibly meaningful and beautiful form of self-expression.

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