How Many Tattoos Do Bella Poarch Have


With the recent rise of social media influencer Bella Poarch, many fans are curious to know how many tattoos she has. This guide will provide an answer to this question, as well as provide information on the meaning behind some of her tattoos.

Bella Poarch has quite a few tattoos, with a total of 15 that she has revealed so far. The first tattoo she got was a rose on her arm in 2019. She also has a paw print tattooed on her arm, which she got to represent her dog. Other tattoos she has include the phrase ‘Blessed’ on her chest, a heart with a sword on her arm, and a black heart on her ankle. She also has several other tattoos such as a sunflower and a rose on her shoulder, and a butterfly on her lower back.

In addition to her tattoos, Bella Poarch also has several piercings, including her septum, lip, and nipples. She has also revealed that she wants to get more tattoos in the future, so it’s very likely that she will have even more tattoos in the future.

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