HEARTS Tattoo Meaning

Well I think it’s fairly obvious that the love heart symbol represents love as the name would suggest. Right, next chapter.

I am of course joking and there is more to heart tattoos than meets the eye. You’ve got your love hearts, hearts and banners, arrow hearts, broken hearts, anatomically correct hearts, sacred hearts and more.

Hearts generally symbolize romantic love but not exclusively, the “mom heart” was popularized around about the 1950’s when electric tattooing really gained some decent momentum and sailors were off, far from home, missing their family and not sure if they were even going to go home or get shot first. This design is one of the all-time most iconic tattoo designs and deserves massive props.

Obviously you could get a different name in the banner as many people do and the tattoo can apply to anyone. Although speaking from experience, the amount of people who get cover-ups after getting something like that with their girlfriends name that they met a few months ago leads me to believe the getting “Mom” is a much more sensible option.

Arrow hearts are another popular one because of everyone’s favorite little love cherub, Cupid, and his arrows. Arrow hearts are definitely 100% romantic so don’t get one of those for your mum.

Broken hearts and dagger hearts are used to represent having had bad luck in love. A broken heart usually means just that, your heart has been broken in the past. A dagger through the heart means pretty much the same thing but also that you were betrayed in the process of having your heart broken.

Anatomically correct hearts are pretty gory let’s be honest but they are a more intricate artistic way of depicting heart symbolism. So you could still go for a banner saying mom with an anatomical heart, same goes for arrows, daggers and everything else really. Up to personal preference!

The last type of heart I want to cover is The Sacred Heart, also known as “The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus”. It’s a Roman Catholic devotion and is very widely practiced among the members of this religion. It’s a symbol for taking Christ’s physical heart as the representation of his divine love for humanity.

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