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2 Crows Tattoo Meaning

You may have seen tattoos of crows such as a design with one sinister looking crow. But when there are two crows in design, the meaning is different. One crow means bad luck, but two crows mean good luck. The tattoo of two crows may have varying designs. In some designs, the two birds face each other in some kind of battle position. One crow is trying to overpower the other in a fight. The two crows may be perched on a dead tree symbolizing improved health and luck. Two crows on a tombstone may symbolize new life after a bad situation or event. A person may have one crow on the right hand and the other on the left. When the tattoo is on the chest, one bird will rest on the right and the other on the left. This may be the same position when the tattoo is inked at the back or shoulders. When there are three crows in design, this could mean good health while four crows can attract good wealth. Some people may pose a tattoo of two crows without any meaning. They may only want to wear the tattoo as a lucky charm or to ward off bad luck.

3 Crows Tattoo Meaning

A tattoo with three crows in the design means good health. Despite looking sinister and intriguing, a crow may also symbolize positive traits like love, dedication, and future events. It is believed that crows can see the future and can also predict what could happen in the future as well. A three-crow tattoo may have a distinct design in such a way that even the scales on the crow's feet are carefully inked. Meanwhile, as the design becomes smaller, only the distinct silhouette of the three birds are seen. When three crows are perched on a fence, tree, or any surface, it could mean that the wearer is currently enjoying good health. If the birds are in flight, the wearer may have recently dealt with a severe illness and is enjoying freedom from symptoms. A crow tattoo could have a different meaning from one culture to another, but usually, it means bad luck or an omen for bad luck. However, some cultures agree that a tattoo of two or more crows attracts good fortune, health, and future. You may be interested in a tattoo with three crows but still uncertain on how this tattoo goes. For this one, consult a tattoo artist that specializes in animal designs for the best results.

6 Crows Tattoo Meaning

A group of crows is a murder of crows. And when these birds are inked on the skin, they symbolize something completely different. A murder of crows could mean a bad omen or bad luck. When there are six crows in design, it most certainly means death. But when there is only one crow in the design, it means bad luck or a bad omen. When there are two crows in the tattoo design, luck changes, and it means a good omen instead. Meanwhile, more birds improve the person’s luck, but when six birds are in the design, luck turns again, and death may ensue. Six birds are too much in a tattoo design. An artist may ink six birds in small prints like a tattoo of blackbirds in flight. It is uncommon for artists to ink six large birds on different parts of the body because these are just very large designs. Some people who want to have a tattoo with six crows may have a deeper meaning of the design. But not all people have a particular meaning of their tattoos in mind. Some may just want a radical tattoo to flaunt around or show off.

Celtic Crow Tattoo Meaning

The crow symbolizes bad omen, conflict and even death in Celtic literature. You will find people wearing a crow tattoo if they want to end a particular sorrowful time in their lives. The design can have one, two, or three crows, but the most common design is only one bird. It is common for Celtic crows to look very fierce. In some designs, the crow has outstretched wings with the claws clenched and the beak open. This is the best design if you want a Celtic crow on your shoulder or chest. Smaller designs may be adapted from this large one for the upper arms, stomach and to other less-prominent parts of the body. A Celtic crow in flight is usually depicted in full wings, but some feathers are coming out of its wings. Most of the time, the crow design seems to have rough feathers, or very unruly feathers making the bird look vicious and dangerous. A Celtic crow tattoo may or may not have deep meanings. Some people may just wear the tattoo to showcase the work of an artist because Celtic art is simply impressive. And if you want this kind of tattoo, be sure to come to a tattoo artist that specializes in Celtic designs for the best results.

Crow and Butterfly Tattoo Meaning

A tattoo of a crow and a butterfly may have different meanings for every culture. This tattoo design could mean change, looking forward to a good life and happiness when their individual meanings are considered. But when the two animals are considered, the meaning may fall close to the meaning of the song The Crow & the Butterfly, a 2010 hit from the band Shinedown. The members of the band said that the inspiration for the song came from a dream about a mother dealing with the pain of losing a child and about moving on. Just like a tattoo of a crow and butterfly. Other band members said that this was one of the most intense songs that were written by the band. They also recognize that the song could have a different meaning to everyone, which also holds true for the meaning of a crow and butterfly. A crow and a butterfly may be perched on a branch, or the two animals may be in flight. Some designs depict the crow chasing the butterfly and may be as elaborate or simple as the design could get. A crow and a butterfly design may be interpreted in different ways, but no doubt, this is a classy and bad-ass tattoo design that you may consider next time.

Crow and Clock Tattoo Meaning

A crow and a clock is a popular tattoo that may have different meanings to different people. Some consider this as a symbol of bad omen which may happen in the future while some say that it means bad luck ahead. But some people think that the position of the bird and the clock’s condition may also indicate another meaning. For instance, a bird clutching the clock tightly or taking it as it flies could symbolize success in life or overcoming a very difficult time in life. When the bird is sitting near or situated near the clock, it could mean a bad omen. The time of the clock may also be significant to the wearer. An old clock, cracked clock face could mean aging as well. This tattoo can have so many meanings, and sometimes people just wear it because they just happen to like the design, with no particular meaning. The number of crows in the design may also have a particular meaning. One bird is bad luck while two means luck. More birds sitting or near the clock could mean danger and even death. There’s a lot of ways to wear this tattoo to imply meaning as well. A person who wears a crow and clock tattoo near his heart may have recently lost a loved one.

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