Jon Highland from 12 Monkeys Tattoos is Answering

Today we are welcoming Jon Highland from 12 Monkeys Tattoos

What were your early inspirations and what are they now?

My earliest inspiration i can remember that got me drawing was definatly dinosaurs when i was a kid , then anything like Ultraman,Godzilla movies ..Horror movies,Creature Features on television .. i was always that kid in school drawing on Everything .. i have no formal training in drawing,painting,tattooing so its been a LONG learning curve

How many years have you been tattooing?

I have been tattooing for apox 20 years

Can you describe the tattoos that you do and the kind of tattoos that you like and enjoy?

I really do pretty much everything .. if i was to say what i like the most it would be skulls with flowers , i love the dark combined with the pretty flowers… people see what they want in pictures so if you show people the same tattoo with that combo 1/2 see flowers and 1/2 see the skull ,and Bio mech, that is what comes easiest for me

And what about techniques? Have techniques changed since you started tattooing?

i really cant answer this question since i have no tattoo training so i dont know the “Language” per say . i just kinda do it without knowing the Proper way technically.. ive been fumbling around figuring it out for 20 years or so

Can you tell us a bit about your early days?
I kind of stumbled into it because my cheap ass friends at the time wanted free tattoos …¬† ha . i was around the industry for a while before i even had an intrest in getting a tattoo let alone doing them . it wasnt until i saw tattoos fom Aaron Cain,Guy Aitchison,Marcus Pacheco that i really thought i wanted to do tattoos so i went and got tattooed by them ,watched close and asked questions , i started tattooing in my apartment and it caugh on Really quick until i couldnt keep up with the volume and went to work at a local shop for a few years until i opend my own 12 Monkeys

You can find Jon at

12 Monkeys Tattoos

911 N Central Ave
Tracy, California 95376

Call +1 209-839-1265

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